3 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android [Powerful Apps]

If you are looking for a Screen Recorder android app with all required features like internal audio recording, no watermark or custom watermark, FaceCam, livestream, time lapse screen recording, etc. then you are on the right place.

Here in this article we have described about the best screen recorder apps with almost all features. No matter if you are a Gamer or tutorial video maker this article is really helpful to you to get the right screen recorder app for Android Phone according to your needs.

Best Screen Recorder Apps : 

All these apps are listed after testing it for a certain time-period.

1. Screen Recorder App :

  • Developer : Kimcy929

Screen Recorder android app

This is a good screen recorder app with almost all needed features to satisfy your needs. The app supports screen recording with frame rate upto 120 fps which is the highest than other apps. This may help you while gaming screen recording.

This provides complete adjustments in audio recording and screen video recording, you get control over video recording resolution, Bitrate, Video encoder, Audio encoder, Audio channel, Audio sample rate, 4 different audio recording sources such as Mic, unprocessed (Raw), voice performance and most importantly internal audio.

FaceCam support is also available. Apart from screen recording you can also capture a screenshot with this app. With gesture control and floating toolbox the app becomes very easy to use without compromising the screen recording quality. If you are irritated with app watermark then you can Turn OFF the watermark, you can also add a custom watermark to your recording.

Key features :

  • Upto 120 fps screen recording
  • Complete flexibility in audio and video recording
  • No watermark or custom watermark
  • Show touches
  • Internal audio recording
  • Raw audio recording
  • Mic audio recording
  • FaceCam
  • Gesture controls
  • Floating toolbox
  • Magic button
  • Trim video recording
  • In app night mode
  • Screenshot capture

Download the App for PlayStore

2. XRecorder App :

  • Developer : InShot Inc.

Screen Recorder App

X Recorder is another feature rich screen recorder app. The app supports screen recording frame rate upto 60 fps. The app provides video editing support also so you can easily edit screen recording video after the screen recording.

This app also supports internal audio recording. The app provides 1080p Full HD screen recording, you can change resolution and bitrate according to your use. FaceCam, floating controls, gesture control, show touches, floating drawing toolkit also available with brushes and eraser to draw on screen during screen recording; this things really help if you are making tutorial videos.

Apart from screen recording, this app also supports screenshot capturing and basic photo editing. Its Pro version also supports video compression.

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Key features : 

  • Upto 60 fps screen recording
  • HD screen recording with customisation
  • Internal audio recording
  • Mic audio recording
  • FaceCam
  • Floating Drawing toolkit
  • Floating controls
  • Gesture controls
  • Screenshot capture
  • Video editor
  • Basic Photo editor
  • Show touches
  • Video compression (Pro version)

Download the App from the PlayStore

3. AZ Screen Recorder App :

  • Developer : AZ Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder App for android

This app is also a good screen recorder android app with live streaming support. You live stream on YouTube and Facebook. Another unique feature is time-lapse, yes you can record time lapse screen recording.

This app has all common video and audio adjustment options like screen recording resolution, bitrate, internal audio recording and mic audio recording. You record video Upto 60 fps frame rate. Most demanded FaceCam feature is also available within this app.

Apart from all these features, you get the option to add a custom watermark logo or text branding in screen recording video, floating drawing toolkit, screenshot capture and magic button control. You can control screen recording by tapping on certain areas of the screen with the magic button feature.

Key features :

  • Time lapse support
  • Live streaming support
  • Upto 60 fps screen recording
  • Video quality adjustments
  • Internal audio recording
  • Mic audio recording
  • FaceCam
  • Floating drawing toolkit
  • Gesture controls
  • Magic button
  • Floating controls
  • Custom watermark
  • Screenshot capture

Download the App from PlayStore

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Hope that all of these apps are helpful to you, choose one that fits in your needs. Do comment your favourite app for screen recording and any query regarding screen recording. Please share this article on social media platforms.

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  1. Helpful post buddy! I have been looking to hop back into screen recording, but this time, on my phone. People dig my How-To videos with screen recordings but I tired of doing them on my Chromebook. Digging deeper. Thank you.


        1. Welcome Ryan, Very glad to know that this post helped you for best screen recorder app & you have selected an app and made a video. Sure you can make very useful ‘How to’ tutorial videos for your viewers/readers.

          Have Great Day:)

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