5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Phones for 2021

People always have issues with the shortage of smartphone’s battery power, especially when they are out of their homes for any travel trip or any other occasion. If you are one of them then you can use a battery saver app to save your battery from undesirable power consumption.

Here in this article, we have listed some best battery saver apps that help you to save your battery power for a longer time.

Best Battery Saver Apps :


1. Greenify App :

Greenify battery saver app

Greenify app helps you to close apps running in the background which you don’t need. Apps running in the background are the main culprit behind running out of battery power.

Apps running in the background consume your battery power and internet data that is how more battery power consumption occurs.

Greenify app screens

Greenify shows you all misbehaving apps that running in the background and you can easily stop it from this app. Greenify app not just saves your battery power but also gives you a smooth smartphone performance.

The app itself uses little or no battery and data so no need to worry about this app.

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2. Battery Guru App :

Battery Guru battery saver app

This is another good app for battery saving. App’s user interface is very attractive and easy to use. You get different battery statistics like battery temperature, charging status, battery type, battery power, etc.

batteryguru app screens

You get various options such as optimize doze, aggressive doze to optimize doze in your phone to save more battery in your smartphone. You get different battery-saving profiles to adjust battery-saving modes according to your needs.

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3. Bataria Energy Saver App :

Bataria battery saver app

With just one tap you can optimize your smartphone for battery saving with its Power Saving Mode. This app helps to close all apps which are running in the background and apps which you are not using.

Bataria Energy app screens

You can also schedule Power Saving Mode and also you can customize power-saving mode activities like when you turn on power-saving mode phone’s brightness will be decreased, WiFi turns off, and which apps you do not want to close, etc..

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4. Avast Battery Saver App :

Avast Battery Saver app

Avast Battery Saver App stops apps that you are not using so that battery power consumption decreases and you get longer battery backup. Avast is a reliable app to use.

Avast Battery Saver app screens

Avast estimate how much time after your battery needs to be charged so you can save your battery by using your phone less as much as possible, especially when you don’t have any power plug to charge your phone battery. You get 5 different power saving profiles that are Smart mode, Home mode, Work mode, Night mode, and Emergency mode.

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5. Kaspersky Battery Life : Saver & Booster App

Kaspersky Battery Saver app

This app also offers battery-saving by closing unnecessary background apps. You can also add apps that you want that shouldn’t be closed. The app gives you information about your estimated battery usage time.

Kaspersky Battery Saver app screens

You can use it to save some extra minutes in your Battery backup.

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Bonus tips to Save Phone’s Battery

Battery saving tips

  • If your smartphone has AMOLED display then use AMOLED dark Wallpapers on your smartphone.
  • OFF Auto synchronization in your smartphone
  • Don’t keep data connection, WiFi and location turned ON if you don’t need it.
  • Don’t use live wallpapers.
  • Reduce your smartphone screen’s brightness
  • Uninstall all the unnecessary smartphone apps
  • Turn OFF Phone vibration.
  • All these tips may help you to save your phone battery.

If you follow all these points then you can increase your battery backup, it does not seem useful in normal conditions but if you are in trouble these points will help you to survive with your smartphone.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Do battery saver apps really work?

Yes, but not all are working well and that’s why we need to choose the right one that helps to manage unnecessary usage of your smartphone battery. You can check out our Best battery saver apps

Does battery saver kill your battery?

No, but some battery savers are very heavy and sometimes they use more battery than saving the battery.

How do I block an app with high battery usage?

You can simply force stop that app by the app settings or you can freeze or stop through the battery saver app.

Hope you like all these battery saver apps for android, you can choose the top battery saver from the above-listed apps and it’s beneficial for you to save your battery power whenever you are far away from your home. Are you using any other battery saver app? Comment below. Please share this article on social media platforms.

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