5 Best free Music Player Apps for Android Phones 2021

Music player app is a very basic app for every smartphone but do you have a music player app which has the clean user interface, ads-free experience, smooth experience, Equalizer and many more important features?

If you are looking for a music player app which provides the amazing music experience then you get it here. Here I have listed some of Best free offline music player apps for Android Phones.

Best Music Player Android Apps :

All these apps manually tried, these apps future updates may change the apps’ behaviour, we will try to update apps’ details according to future updates as soon as possible.

1. Musicolet Music Player App :

  • Developer : Krosbits

Musicolet Music Player Android app

Musicolet Music Player app is a very fast and light-weight app. App design is minimalistic and very customizable. You can easily manage your offline songs and get a very smooth experience.

App has also in-built Equalizer to control music beats. You can make changes in the songs cover image of the songs and edit music tags. You get 3 themes Light, Dark and Black (AMOLED) and also you can change the theme accent color. For wireless speakers and Bluetooth earphones you can make changes in button controls like single tap pause, double tap forward, etc..

Musicolet Music Player App (1)
App screenshots (Click to enlarge image)

The app also supports song’s Lyrics, you can showcase lyrics along with the song and also you can edit the lyrics. You can easily make and share playlists, make a loop of songs in a playlist.

Key features :

  • Completely offline, ads-free
  • Light-weight and fast 
  • 3 themes for appearance (Light, Dark & AMOLED)
  • Accent color customization
  • In-built Equalizer
  • Customization of Bluetooth controls
  • Supports Lyrics
  • Edit cover image and tags
  • Easily manage songs & playlists
  • Backup settings
  • Smart scan
  • Sleep timer

Download the App from PlayStore

2. Oto Music Player App :

  • Developer : Piyush M.

Oto music player app for android

This music player app is also very simple and clean. It is totally ads-free so no annoying ads. App’s user interface is very easy to use. The app has almost all required features. App has an in-built Equalizer to manage your song’s tune. 

oto music player app (1)
App screenshots (Click to enlarge image)

You can easily manage your playlists and songs. This app also supports Lyrics. There is also an option to edit song’s tags and Lyrics. There’s also the feature for sleep time. You get three themes to customize the user interface, Light theme, Dark theme and Black or AMOLED theme.

Key features :

  • Simple and clean UI
  • Ads-free experience
  • Fast & smooth experience
  • Built-in Equalizer
  • Sleep timer
  • 3 themes for appearance
  • Supports Lyrics
  • Edit song’s tags & Lyrics
  • Easy to manage songs & playlists

Download the App from PlayStore

3. Frolomuse MP3 Player App :

  • Developer : FroloApps

Frolomuse MP3 Player for Android

This is very beautiful and clean Music Player App. You get built-in Equalizer within this app. You get six themes to change the appearance, Light, Dark blue, Dark orange, Dark purple, Dark green and Dark especial theme.

frolomuse music player app
App screenshots (Click to enlarge image)

You get a unique option to skip short songs from the playlist. You can manage music library options. You get ringtone cutter option which helps you to make ringtones from your songs. You can also edit album cover and song’s tags.

Key features :

  • Beautiful & clean UI
  • Ads-free experience
  • 6 themes for appearance
  • Built-in Equalizer
  • Edit album cover and song’s tags
  • Sleep timer
  • Ringtone maker
  • Skip short songs
  • Easily manage songs & playlists

Download the App from PlayStore

4. Retro Music Player App :

Developer : Hemanth Savarala

Retro Music Player App

Retro Music Player comes with a modern looking beautiful user interface. You get totally ads free experience. Here you get a unique option “Drive” which simplifies the music player interface with only main navigation buttons and gives you a distraction free experience.

Retro Music Player App screens
Retro Music Player App screens (click on image to enlarge)

If we talk about all features you get the option to edit tags, sleep timer, drive mode, Equalizer(not available for all devices), Dark mode and all other basic options like playlists, set ringtone. App’s UI is clean so you surely get good user experience.

Key features :

  • Modern looking & clean UI
  • Ads-free experience
  • Unique Drive mode
  • Sleep timer
  • Dark mode
  • Edit tags
  • Equalizer

Download the App from PlayStore

5. Music Player App :

  • Developer : Elysium Group

Music player app for Android

This app is also completely ads-free which provides you best interruption-free music playing. App interface is very easy to use and simple. You get all basic music settings. You get 2 interface options, Card view and Flat view, you can use whatever you like. 

Music player app (1)
App screenshots (Click to enlarge image)

You get five themes to customize app appearance, such as Light, Dark, Black, Starry, Blurry. Sleep timer is also available.  The app 

Key features :

  • Ads-free experience
  • Minimal and clean UI
  • 5 themes for appearance
  • Sleep timer
  • Equalizer

Download the App from PlayStore

Hope these music player apps for Android are helpful to you for getting the smooth music experience without interruption. You can choose a very minimal and clean Music Player app according to your needs.

Please do comment below, which app are you using for music, are you using the offline music player app or using the online music streaming app? Please do share this article to your friends and family to share these best music player Android apps.

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