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How to add or use Gradients in Canva easily [Web + App]

Canva is a very useful and handy app for graphics creation. It is also available as a web application so you can also use it as an Online website tool on a browser. If you are looking for an answer for how to use Gradient background in Canva then follow instructions :

Use Gradients in Canva :

Method 1 :

  • Click on the post background
  • Search “Gradient” and you will see the Gradient backgrounds

Method 2 :

  • You just need to search ‘Gradient’ in an elements section in the Canva app or Canva website.
  • Then you will see various elements in different Gradients.
  • You need to add any Gradient element as background(enlarge for background) that is suitable for you.
  • Simply you just change colors to make different Gradient variations for your Gradient background color.

Gradients may different like radial or linear, you can choose gradient elements according to your need. This method works on both web and App so you can easily add Gradient background for your graphics or digital artwork.

Hope this informative post helped you to use Gradient in Canva. Please share this post to help others too.

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  1. Sweet little tutorial here. I have not used Canva in a minute. I did use it quite a bit to design my eBook covers but since pulled back on self-publishing. May be time to write another eBook! Thanks for the nudge 🙂


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