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Download Instagram Image in one click only!


Step 1: Copy the Link

Go to your Post or Story then click on the 3 dots look like this (⋮) and click on the Copy Link

Step 2: Paste Link

After copying the URL you need to paste your link in the box above.

Step:3 Download Story

Now choose your Story size and format and click on the download button

Nowadays, Instagram has become the most popular social media platform used by youth and even adults. People share pictures and videos on Instagram on various topics, views, or scenes. Many celebrities are very active on Instagram and share pictures of their own or about their daily life.

Some of you wanted to download their posts on your gadgets. This is possible with your Instagram photo downloader so that you can quickly download pictures and images to your PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone.

Being a number one social media networking platform to share your pictures. However, it is the best place to share your life details but very bad to download these posts on your device because there is no feature available in IG to download posts.

There are many influencers of different niches who share very important posts related to their niches. Out of interest, you will want to keep that post saved on your device and look at those pictures whenever you want to look at them.

But now, you can download Instagram Images with a tool. You can download your favorite posts on your smartphones, like Instagram sideshow posts, Carousel posts, and IG posts. You can download these posts without even installing the tool on your device.

Question and Answers

1. How many pictures or videos can I download from this tool?

Ans. You can download unlimited Instagram pictures or videos for free. Although the website doesn’t own these pictures or pictures.

2.  Is it possible to download pictures of private accounts?

Ans. It is not possible to download pictures from a private account as this tool only allows the downloading of public pictures and videos.

3. Is this tool available for PC?

Ans. This tool is available for PC and even works for Macs, Windows, and Linux operating systems. There is no need for software, just post the link of a picture that you want to download and the picture will be downloaded.

4. Can I download Instagram videos?

Ans. No, you can’t download Instagram Video.

5.  What type of file is supported by this tool?

Ans. Mostly jpg file format is supported for downloading images and for videos MP4 is still the most convenient and popular format that ensures high quality and small video file size. 

6. Is there any other device that is compatible with this tool?

Ans. Download Instagram images tool is a web service. You can use this tool on your iPad, iPhone, Android, etc as it is compatible and can pair together with 100% assured. 

7. Does a user get notified when I save or download their post?

Ans. No, this tool does not tell or notify the user if you download their posts or videos. 

8. How to download IG posts from this tool?

Ans. It is very easy to use this tool to download IG posts. First, open the Instagram post with a picture that you want to save. Now copy the link of the post and download the Instagram photo of any public account. Post the link in the tool and the picture will be downloaded in a few seconds. 


Notes:- you can download here only Instagram Image not reels and Video