How to Hide Pictures on Android without App

No matter if it is a private photo or secret picture, you are always concerned about your personal things. Private pictures are really important to handle correctly, to maintain your privacy towards your personal stuff. You can hide your private photos on your Android phone easily.

Here in this article, we have explained how you can hide your photos on your Android phone without any app.

Hide Pictures on Android without App :

STEP 1: First, open a file manager or file explorer app on your Android phone, create a folder and name it whatever you want.

Create folder to hide photos without any app

STEP 2: After that, move all the Private pictures that you want to hide to your newly created folder.

Move photos to folder


STEP 3: Lastly, rename the folder name by putting a dot before the folder name.

Rename folder with dot hide Pictures

Now your folder will be hidden and all the pictures you moved on that, folder also will be hidden.

That’s how you can easily hide your photos on your Android phone without any App.

How to recover the Hidden photos (Unhide photos) :


  1. First of all, Open your file manager (here I used the solid explorer).
  2. Then, Click on options and select show all hidden files.
  3. After that, you will see the hidden folder with a dot in the folder name that you added while renaming.
  4. Simply rename again and remove the dot from the name to show the folder and pictures in your phone image gallery.

Unhide photos, files, and folder

That’s how you can easily unhide your hidden photos or folder that you had hidden through the above-mentioned method.

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I hope this informative post helped you to Hide pictures on your Android phone. Do comment if you have any questions or any other method that you use to hide your private photos.

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