How to Turn ON Dark mode on instagram | Instagram dark mode

Dark mode (also known as dark theme and night mode) is really helpful feature, specially if you’re using your Smartphone at night. It helps to reduce eye strain during the night and give you comfort during smartphone usage at night. Most of apps provides dark mode support, Instagram app one of them.

Let’s see how you can turn on dark mode on Instagram Step by Step.

Steps to Turn ON Dark mode on Instagram :

Turn ON Dark mode on Instagram

  1. First, open your Instagram (make sure you have latest version of official Instagram app).
  2. Then, Go to instagram settings.
  3. After that, go to theme option.
  4. Now, Select Dark mode to turn on dark mode on Instagram App. For those who have system-wide Dark mode support, choose System default. Now, whenever you use system-wide Dark mode, instagram open in the Dark mode.

Turn ON Dark mode on Instagram

That’s how you can easily Turn ON Dark mode or Dark theme on Instagram App.

Benefits of Dark mode :

Dark mode is really good feature that provides great user experience at night and also saves your battery backup if you have AMOLED display in your Smartphone. So it’s most recommended to use Dark mode in amoled displays.

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