Best android apps to create instagram posts

Instagram is one of the most popular photos sharing platforms. With 1 billion monthly active users Instagram is also a good Community and Marketplace. As the platform is most popular you have to stand out from the crowd with best possible posts.

This article is surely helpful to you if you want to create the best instagram post because we have discussed Amazing Android apps to create instagram posts in this article.

Amazing Apps to create Instagram Posts :

1. Canva App :

Canva app for Instagram posts

Canva app will help you to make your Instagram post from ground with perfect post dimensions to endless creative possibilities. This app helps you to design your Instagram post layer by layer within your android phone. You can even control every layer with just one tap.

Canva app screens
Canva app screens (click on the image to enlarge)

You get various elements such as texts, images, videos, illustration, templates, logo and pages to craft posts for Instagram. You have total control over text font, color, image background, opacity, layer level, crop, filters, etc. You can create image post and video posts by Canva. Recent update also provides options to make animated instagram stories.

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Canva already provides pre-made templates for all available platforms, so you don’t need it to make your post from zero. These pre-made templates help you to get creative ideas for your Instagram posts. You can export created posts png, jpg, MP4 if video post, small size PDF and High quality PDF; you can also export posts in transparent background in the premium plan.

As it is a cloud based app you must need the Internet to use this app but don’t worry the app is really fast and consumes less data. You get one benefit here that your design is not lost if you accidentally closed the app because your editings live save on cloud storage.

Download the App from PlayStore

2. Adobe Sparkle Post :

Adobe Sparkle app for Instagram posts

This app is also good for designing instagram posts from android phones. You get lots of premium templates to start designing and modifying the post for Instagram. Here you go get almost all the necessary designing elements like text, animated text, illumination, images, stickers, etc. With color, size, opacity, color filters, fonts, background, etc..

Adobe Sparkle Post app screens
Adobe Sparkle Post app screens (click on the image to enlarge)

You can also add different text styles with text animation and image animations also available such as zoom in, zoom out, fade, and many more other animations.

You can create image posts, animated stories and video posts for Instagram. Your created posts exports with watermark if you don’t subscribed for the app which is a bad part of this app. This is also a cloud based application like Canva App.  

Download the App from PlayStore

3. Desygner App :

Desygner App for Instagram posts

This app is also a very good app for crafting your Instagram posts. You get elements to add different icons and shapes, Images, text with fonts and text designs, layers to adjust all layers, pages.

Desygner App Screens

You can easily control opacity, font styles, text alignments, size and color. Layers can be adjusted by just drag and drop in layers option.

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You get tons of pre-made templates to start designing your Instagram post. So this is good option for you to design Instagram posts. This app comes with premium subscription with extra elements and features and free plan with limited stock images and features.

Download the App from PlayStore 

Hope all these android apps make you more creative for your Instagram post and helpful to you to design amazing instagram posts. Please share this article so others also know about these apps and use it for their instagram posts. Please comment below about favourite apps which you’re using for the Instagram posts and also share your opinion.

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