3 Best Insta hashtag Generator Apps [Best Instagram Hashtags]

Instagram is a very popular image-sharing social media platform with around 1 billion active users. As we know as its popularity increases and more and more people and influencers are coming on Instagram So It’s necessary to compete with them, here the best Insta hashtags help to attract more visitors and increase your post-exposure to the Instagram audience.

Instagram allows 30 hashtags for Instagram posts so you can utilize this opportunity. Here in this article, we have mentioned the best Instagram hashtag generator apps for the best Insta trending hashtags.

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Insta Hashtag Generator Apps :

1. Instagram inspector App :

Instagram Hashtag generator app

The Instagram inspector app is one of the best apps for popular Instagram hashtags. The app is very easy to use and comes with the best user interface.

Hashtag inspector insta hashtag generator app

The app provides almost all types of trending hashtags for Insta like hashtags for photography, nature, beauty, fashion, science, social, and many more endless hashtags including promotional hashtags such as hashtags for Instagram likes, Instagram popular hashtags, viral hashtags, followers hashtag for Instagram followers and more others.

You have to just put your keywords about your post such as “Friends” and click on the search button, you’ll see the top most used hashtags for that keyword. By tapping on hashtags you can copy hashtags and you can easily copy 30 top hashtags for your Instagram post. You also get related hashtags in different tabs to figure out the right hashtags for your post. You also save your favorite tags within the app.

It comes with free and premium ads-free versions on both iOS and Android.

Download from PlayStore

Download from AppStore


2. Tagify App :

Tagify insta hashtag generator app

Tagify is also a good Insta hashtag generator app with lots of hashtag options for you to find the best hashtags. It has various hashtags categories and its automatic hashtags selection feature is excellent that selects 30 good hashtags for you.

Tagify insta hashtag generator app

In the category tab, you get various hashtag categories to directly find category-wise Instagram hashtags. You get the option to copy 30 hashtags in a category. The app also provides Promotional famous hashtags categories so you can use that hashtags for likes and followers.

You can also search Instagram hashtags in the Search tab for relevant hashtags for your Instagram post.

Download from PlayStore

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3. iTags App :

iTags insta hashtag generator app

It’s another amazing app for best Insta hashtags. Its user interface is really good. You get hashtags in almost every category such as nature, food, most popular, family, feelings, health, lifestyle, fashion, and many more others.

iTags app for insta trending hashtags

It also includes promotional hashtags such as Instagram hashtags for likes and followers, trending hashtags, and most popular hashtags.

You can find the best hashtags by just searching keywords related to your post in the top search tab and you will get the most relevant hashtags. You can enter up to 6 keywords in a single search. You get the separate categorized collection of hashtags in the category tab. You can also save favorite hashtags within the app.

Download from PlayStore

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I hope you like all of these best insta hashtag generator apps. Which app you’re using for instagram hashtags? write in the comments. Shared this post with your friends and family to help them to boost instagram likes, followers and post engagement.

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