How to Delete junk files in Android Phone [100% Working]

As we use our smartphone, over time it becomes full of junk files or unnecessary files, or temporary files that were made by the smartphone itself on a temporary basis but all these unwanted files remain in the phone.

These unwanted files take up space in your storage and make your Android Phone laggy over time so it’s necessary to delete junk files on android phones.

Let’s see how to clean junk files in Android Phones.

Delete junk files in Android Phone :

  • For the cleaning of your phone, you should use an Android junk cleaning app because you can’t find and delete junk files manually so it’s necessary to use an Android App.
  • I recommend the two most useful apps to manage your smartphone’s junk files and storage.
  1. Files App by Google
  2. SD Maid

1. Files app by Google :

Files app by Google for junk files

Google specially made this app to clean junk files and manage storage. The app is reliable because it’s made by Google. It totally manages your Android phone storage and is helpful to delete unwanted files with just a few clicks.

files app to delete junk

The app also recommends files such as duplicate files, junk files, and rarely used apps that need to be deleted.

Apart from this, you can manage your files like a file manager in the app. You can also lock your important and private files in a safe folder with a password within this app. It provides the file-sharing feature too. The app is totally free.

Download from PlayStore

2. SD Maid :

SD maid app for cleaning junk files

SD Maid is also a very useful app because it provides all the information about junk and unnecessary files, empty folders, system storage explorer, and more. You can easily delete junk files in just 2 clicks within the app. The best part about the app is you can even schedule the cleaning of your phone’s junk files.

SD Maid android junk cleaner app

The also provides information about phone apps so you can also get the status of all the installed applications and kill (force stop), uninstall, export app APK file, and create app activity shortcuts within the app.

The app comes with free and paid versions, both versions are worth using.

Download from PlayStore

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I hope this informative article is helpful to you to delete junk files on your Android phone. Share this article with friends and family to make them aware of junk files.

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