How to Hide Photos in Android [Best tricks]

Privacy is a very necessary part of our daily lives. After Food, clothes and shelter, privacy becomes our most important thing in our Life. This post is also dedicated towards your privacy concern.

Here in this article we have described the best possible ways to hide photos in the android smartphone so please follow this article if you are privacy concerned and want to hide your private photos safely.

Best ways to hide your private Photos :

Follow the methods given below to hide your private pictures in your android phone.

Method 1 : Hide Photos in Android with File manager

File manager

You can hide photos in Android with your file manager without any app.

To hide your private photos with this you have to create one folder in your file manager. Suppose the folder name is Safe folder. Then you have to transfer your photos that you really want to hide.

Then rename folder with dot (.), place the dot (.) before the folder name and save it. [ For example : we made a folder with a name Safe folder and renamed it with dot(.) that’s why the folder is renamed as .Safe folder ]

Your folder hides automatically after renaming your folder with dot(.).

You can again make that folder visible by setting up the option show hidden files. This option is available in almost all file managers so no need to worry about it.

Method 2 : Hide photos with Google Files App

Google Files App

This app is mostly pre-installed in almost all smartphones with other Google apps.

Google Files app provides the Safe folder with passcode protection. You can hide your private photos with this Safe folder.

Just select your photos and move your photos to the Safe folder to hide your photos. You can access your photos in the Safe folder with your phone’s passcode or password.

Method 3 : Hide Photos in Android with third party Apps

We have selected some best and safe to use Android Apps to hide your photos and videos in android phones.

1. Keepsafe Photo Vault App :

  • Developer : Keepsafe

Keepsafe app hide Photos in Android

This app is really helpful to hide your private photos and videos in a safe way so you can go with the Keepsafe Photo Vault App.

Download the App from PlayStore

2. Pinbox Photo Vault App :

  • Developer : Elway

Pinbox Photo Vault app

This app is also useful to safely hide your private photos in android phone. You can also Pin lock your gallery.

Download the App from PlayStore

Please take care while choosing any new app for your photos and videos because not all apps are safe for your privacy.

Method 4 : Hide Photos with Google Photos App

Google photos app

Google photos app, mostly pre-installed in a majority of smartphones. With the Google photos app you can hide your photos from the gallery by moving to the archive.

  • You have to select the photos which you want to hide, click on the three dot menu option on the top right corner.
  • Then click on the move to archive to move photos in the archive folder.

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