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How to Save Battery on iPhone and Android

The battery is a very important part of any mobile devices. Saving the battery is helpful to you in emergency situations. Here, we have shared some useful tips that help you to extend the battery life and Save Battery on iPhone and Android.

Tips to Save Battery on iPhone and Android phones:


Data Connection :

Mobile data

Don’t keep ON your mobile internet data connection if you’re not using it. You can use Wi-Fi data whenever possible because a cellular internet data connection drains more battery than an internet connection over WiFi.

Turn on Battery saver mode :

Nowadays, every phone comes with battery saver mode feature; you can turn ON this feature to save phone bettery for longer period. It optimizes power consumes for necessary tasks.

Uninstall unnecessary Apps :

Uninstall apps that you don’t use or use very rarely because unnecessary apps drain the battery and also affect the performance of your smartphone. Also, don’t use performance booster apps during the low battery. So it’s advised to uninstall those apps.

Turn OFF Siri or Google Assistant if you don’t need it :

Voice assistants

Apple Siri and Google assistant keep running in the background and draining your battery so it is a good choice to keep them turned OFF if you don’t or less often use them. It is save battery on Android and iPhone for longer periods.

Use Battery Saver App :

Battery saver

You can use a Battery Management or Battery Saver app to improve your Battery backup to some extent.

Use Dark wallpapers and Dark theme :

Dark theme

Dark Wallpapers are really helpful to save smartphone battery, especially on smartphones which have AMOLED display panels. Don’t use live wallpaper because it drains the phone battery continuously. The dark theme works the same for battery saving.

Currently, almost all smartphones and apps have dark mode so you can use it to save your battery life. This works best in AMOLED displays than others displays.

Haptic feedback vibration :

Haptic feedback

Haptic feedback is a feature that is responsible for your smartphone vibration whenever you touch the screen, receive calls and notifications. Please Turn OFF haptic feedback vibration because it consumes more battery.

Turn OFF Auto-rotate feature:

Auto rotate

Auto-rotate uses Accelerometer(or Orientation sensor/G-sensor) and it is running all time whenever Auto-rotate is Enabled. So keep turning OFF Auto-rotate to save your Battery for more time.

Decrease Screen Brightness :


This is not advisable in bright and sunny environments. Try to use a smartphone on low to medium Brightness if you are comfortable with it because a smartphone’s display consumes a large amount of battery power.

Turn OFF Location permission :


Don’t always allow location permission to all apps. You can use this option only while the app is in use for location permission.

All these tips may help you to save the phone battery effectively.

If you follow all these points then you can increase your battery backup, it does not seem useful in normal conditions but if you are in trouble these points will help you to survive with your smartphone.

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I hope this informative post helps you to know how you can easily save battery on iphone and android for a longer period.

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