How to Create Strong Password to Secure your account in 2022 [Fast]

Passwords are a very important thing for any account to prevent unauthorized access to an account. To secure any account a strong password is necessary that is not easily guessable.

Why are weak passwords bad?

“An estimated 81% of data breaches occur due to weak passwords.”

Try to prevent the use of weak passwords.

What’s a strong password?

A strong password is that is at least 8 characters long and contains multiple characters such as uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and special characters (#+$-@(#+_!?).

strong password example

If you want to create a very strong password then you should create a password that is at least 13 characters long. This will secure your account. However, an 8 character password is strong enough if you do not want a long password.

Let’s see how to create a strong password.

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How to Create Strong Password :

  1. Simply, go to the Strong Password Generator tool (Click here)
  2. Then, set settings for your Strong Password, like which characters you want to use in your password and password length.
  3. Then, Click on the Generate Password button to Generate a Strong Password. This online password generator tool automatically generates a random strong password every time you click on the Generate Password button.
  4. After that, click on the Copy button to copy the password. Now, you can use a copied password for any account’s password.

That’s how you can easily create a strong password in just 1 Click to secure your account.


“59% of people use the same password everywhere.”


Bonus Tip

Use 2-factor authentication or 2 Step Verification whenever it is available on any online account. It adds an extra layer of security to your account.

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I hope this informative post helped you with strong passwords and how you can generate strong passwords.

Share this important and useful article with your friends and family so they get awareness about strong passwords and they use strong passwords for their accounts.

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