How to Scan files for Viruses in 1 Click [Must Check]

We often download different media files, document files, software, and scripts online but do you know whether files are safe or not? Maybe it may harm your device or still your private data or spying you by controlling your device. So how you can assure that you have downloaded a safe file?

Here, We suggest you a useful website that helps you to Scan files for Viruses online and it’s very convenient for you to do. Let’s see how you can Scan files for Viruses or Malware.

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Scan Files for Viruses Online :

  • To scan your files for Viruses you have to go to the website name called
  • Then, you have to choose your file and upload it to the VirusTotal website.
  • Now, wait for some time until the VirusTotal website scans your uploaded file for Viruses, then you get the result showing whether your file contains viruses or not, and if yes then in which folder or code in your file.

VirusTotal scans your file through 60+ antivirus software and gives you the most satisfying result about your file’s safety.

That’s how you can be assured yourself about the file you downloaded from the internet.

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