How to check website is real or fake?

It is important to know whether a website is real or fake to avoid online scams. Whenever you buy from a new or unknown website you should check if the website is genuine or not. Here we have described some points that you can consider to identify fake websites.

10 points to check website is real or fake :

No 1. Check website URL in browser address bar. Does it have https or http? mostly genuine and shopping websites have https. You will see a green coloured lock with HTTPS in the URL which shows a secure website. Must check this option while doing payments.


No 2. Search that website on Google search and evaluate the website’s presence in Google. Good brands have their presence on search engines like Google search and Microsoft Bing search.

No 3. Take a Virus test with, you get an idea if the website contains any virus.

No 4. Check websites social media accounts. The genuine websites have a better social media presence than the fake ones.

No 5. Check the domain metrics like website age, website authority. Mostly, real websites have high domain/website authority and website age. You can check this with this tool :

No 6. Check the website with the Safe Browsing site status tool by Google. Here you will get ideas about the website whether it is safe for browsing.

No 7. Does that website have a valid contact us page with contact email or phone number. Genuine websites have their contact information.

No 8. Check the website name imitating any other brands like Amazon or any other popular brand. Phishing is a technique for stealing personal data. Websites use imitating names so users confuse and give their personal data and sometimes do payment also.

No 9. Check the English, fake websites mostly have spelling and grammatical mistakes in their websites.

No 10. If you are buying something on a website, you must check their privacy policy and refund policies.

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