How to identify Fake Websites : 10 Points You should Know

It is important to check whether a site is genuine or not to avoid online scams. Whenever you buy from a new or unknown website you should check that shopping website whether is real or fake. Because identifying fake websites saves your hardcore money from fraudulent websites.

Here we have described 10 points that you can consider to identify fake websites.

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10 Points to identify Fake Websites :

We have mentioned 10 important points that may help you to identify fake websites.

1. Check Website URL :


Check the website URL in the browser address bar. Does it have HTTPS or HTTP? Most genuine shopping websites have HTTPS. You will see a green-colored lock with HTTPS in the URL which shows a secure website. Must check this option while doing payments.

2. Search on Google for the Website :

Search that website on Google search and evaluate the website’s presence on Google. Good brands have their presence on search engines like Google search and Microsoft Bing search. You can also check website reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, etc.

3. Scan Website for Malicious codes and Viruses :

Website scan for Malware

Many websites contain Malware or Malicious code that may steal users’ information. You can scan the website online to identify its safety and you can do it with the website.

4. Check Social Proofs :

Check the website’s different social media accounts and its contents. Most genuine websites have a better social media presence than fake ones, so this is a very important point to identify fake websites.

5. Know Website details :

Knowing about the website creation date helps you to identify fake websites because fake websites are mostly newly created. On other hand, real and genuine websites are a little older, at least 8 months or a year old. You can check this with this tool:

Know Website details

6. Check with the Google Safe Browsing tool :

Check the website with the Safe Browsing site status tool by Google. Here you will get ideas about the website whether it is safe for browsing. It’s an official tool by Google.

Google safe browsing

7. Check Website Contact details :

Does that website have a valid contact us page, and privacy policy pages with a contact email or phone number? Mostly, genuine websites have their contact information.

8. Check Website Name and URL :

Check the website name properly, is it imitating any other brands like Amazon or any other popular brand. Fake websites use Phishing techniques to steal your important data or money.

These websites are made in such a way that they look identical to real ones. They have similar names (For example,, so users may confused and give their personal data and sometimes do payments also.

9. Check Spelling and Grammar :

Check the English, fake websites mostly have spelling and grammatical mistakes in their websites.

10. Check Legal pages :

If you are buying something on a website, you must check their privacy policy, terms and conditions, and refund policies.

I hope these 10 points will help you to check fake websites. Share this article with your friends and family.

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