How to Make your Phone run Faster [100% Working]

Smartphone users most commonly facing the issue of slow down of smartphone. Do you face such a problem with your smartphone? You can easily fix it by following some steps given in this article to make your phone faster like a New one.

Follow these steps to Make your Phone run Faster:

  1. Never 100% Full your phone’s storage :

phone storage
Smartphones need storage to perform some tasks quickly, So never completely fill the phone’s memory. You should keep some amount of free storage space for your smartphone to run well without any slow experience.

You can maintain your smartphone’s space by deleting unnecessary junk files, duplicate files and temporary files. You can easily find and delete these files with some useful junk cleaner and file manager apps.

We recommend some junk cleaner android apps given below :

  • 1. Files by Google App :

Files app by Google
This app is a very useful app developed by Google to manage your phone’s storage. You can easily find and delete junk, duplicate and temporary files with this app. Its user interface is very easy to understand.
Apart from its junk cleaner function, it’s also a file manager so you can easily manage your files and share your files with others with this app and save your storage.

  • 2. SD maid App :

SD maid app
This app is also a very good junk cleaner android app. You can easily manage duplicate files, junk files, empty folders. It has app cleaner, system cleaner, manage apps, file explorer, database cleaner features.
SD maid comes with two versions, Free and Pro version with additional features.

  1. Remove unnecessary Apps :

Uninstall apps that you are not using or very rarely using because all these unnecessary apps take extra space in your smartphone and also keep running in the background sometimes even after the force stopped. You can use the Files app by Google to find which apps you’re not using or very rarely using.

So it’s a better way to save your storage and RAM. This will help you to prevent your smartphone from lagging.

Also check :

  1. Avoid your smartphone while Charging :

Charging smartphone
If you are using a smartphone while charging then it may cause heating of your phone and damages your smartphone battery and also heat may cause permanent damage to smartphone processor.
So avoid your smartphone while Charging, it increases the life-cycle of the battery and processor of your smartphone and ultimately prevents your smartphone from becoming slow.

  1. Switch OFF your smartphone :

switch OFF your smartphone
Switch OFF your smartphone once in a day for 3-5 minutes so your smartphone runs smoothly. It works because when you switch OFF your smartphone all the other apps running on background stops and after switching ON only necessary system apps run in background.

  1. Use correct external Memory Card :

memory card
There are lots of different external Memory Cards that are available in the market but you should choose the right memory card with high read & write speed. Class 4, Class 6, Class 10, UHS – I, UHS – II, UHS – III all these types of memory cards available in the market.

Class 4 card comes with low read-write speed and gradually speed increases when class number increases and UHS number increases.

You can use Class 6, 10 and all other UHS cards for your smartphone. Class 10 and UHS cards recommended if you want high speed.

I hope you enjoyed the article and helped you to make your phone faster like New one. Share this article with your friends and family and on social media platforms.

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