How to Make Group on Signal Messenger

Signal messenger is becoming a popular Messenger App day by day. As it is safe & secure and free, it can be a good alternative to WhatsApp Messenger App and telegram Messenger App too. You can easily create groups on Signal same like WhatsApp and the telegram app with group invite links and QR codes.

Signal Messenger
Signal Private Messenger App

Signal private Messenger gives you some unique features like a disappearing message timer which helps you to automatically delete your message after a selected time, QR code group invite, admin approval, etc.

Steps to Make Group on Signal messenger : 

STEP 1 : Create an account on Signal if you don’t have an account on Signal messenger.  After that, Open Signal Messenger App. (Download from PlayStore)

STEP 2 : Click on the three vertical dots menu and click on New group.

See the screenshot :

Signal group

STEP 3 : Now select the contact numbers which you want to add to a Signal group. See the screenshot given below.

Signal group

STEP 4 : Now write your group name and add your group icon or group photo or skip the group photo and click on Create button. Congrats your Signal group is now created.

See the screenshot :

Signal group

STEP 5 : Now in your group click on the three vertical dots menu and click on group settings and turn on Group invite link option to invite members of your group with the group link. Copy the group invite link and share it. You can also use a QR code instead of a group invite link to invite new members to your Signal group. See the screenshot given below for reference.

Signal group

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FAQs (Frequently asked questions) :


Q. Is it safe and secure to send private messages?

Answer: Signal is free and open-source, it is a safe and secure app amongst other Messenger apps.  Signal Messenger not just uses end-to-end encryption only on messages but also uses it on its message meta-data too.

Q. How many group members are allowed in the Signal group?

Answer: You can add up to 1000 members to the Signal group.

Q. Can set admin approval on the group invite link?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. You can set admin approval on your new Signal group.

Q. Can I delete my existing group invite link and create a new group invite link?

Answer: Yes, you can easily create a new group invite link from the group settings.

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