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How to Hide messages on Lock screen on Android

Messages are sensitive things and they should be protected from unknown people. If you noticed your messages are showing on your lock screen and anyone can read and strip your privacy. So you should hide messages on the lock screen on Android to protect your privacy.

Let’s see how you can hide messages on the lock screen.

Steps to Hide messages on Lock screen :

There are total two methods to hide messages on Lock screen.

Method 1 :

hide messages on lock screen android

  1. Open settings
  2. Go to the Display settings
  3. Then click on Lock screen display
  4. Now tap on Lock screen option
  5. You can choose Show sensitive content only when Unlocked OR Don’t show notification at all.

Method 2 :

hide messages on lock screen android

  1. Open settings
  2. Go to apps and notifications
  3. Tap on Notifications
  4. Sensitive notifications should be Unchecked or Turned OFF.

That’s how you can easily hide your sensitive messages on lock screen and save your privacy.

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