How to Change Android phone Name [only 4 Steps]

When you purchase a smartphone your Android phone comes with a default phone name that is usually the phone’s name or model number. But you can easily Change name of your Android phone and personalize it by setting it to your name or any other name. Let’s see how you can change your android phone name.

Change Android Phone name :

change Android phone name

  1. First of all, Open the settings in your Android device.
  2. Now, find About phone OR About menu in your phone settings and go to About menu.
  3. In the About menu you’ll see the first option Device name in About menu.
  4. Simply, tap on it and Change your Android phone Name.

That’s how you can change android device name.

Changes in your smartphone’s name is a part of personalization of your smartphone, the same as changing your ringtone, and android wallpapers.

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