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How to Restore deleted Contacts on Android phone

Are you worried about your deleted contacts that you deleted accidentally; Yes it’s a very upsetting moment for anyone but there’s no need to panic because you can easily recover deleted contacts on android phone. Make sure you have enabled contact synchronisation in your Google account.

Let’s see how you can Restore the deleted Contacts on your Android device.

Steps to Restore deleted Contacts :

restore deleted contacts on android

  1. Open the phone settings in your phone
  2. Find Google menu or option and open it
  3. Click on setup and restore option then, click on restore option
  4. Now choose your account from which you want to restore your contacts and click on restore backup
  5. Then, Tap on phone then click on contact to copy
  6. If you do not want to restore the contacts from your phone storage or SIM card, then can turn it OFF.
  7. Then click on the Restore and wait till your contacts restored
  8. Once the restoration process completes you will get back all the contacts

Restore your deleted Contacts with .Vcf file :

Backup contacts in Vcf file


If you already have a .vcf contacts file then it’s really helpful to restore contacts especially if you’re changing your phone. 

  1. First of all open the contacts app in your Android phone
  2. Then you have to open menu > settings > import
  3. Select import from .Vcf file
  4. Then select the Account on which you want to save imported contacts
  5. After that navigate to your .Vcf file and click on it to import contacts

How to export your Contacts :

It’s really beneficial for you to create an export backup file of your contacts especially if you’re planning to change your phone or restore your deleted contacts.

  1. First of all open the contacts app in your Android phone
  2. Then you have to open menu > settings > export
  3. Choose any one Account from which you want export your contacts
  4. Tap on Export to .vcf file and save it on your Phone

Make sure you keep your .Vcf file secure because it contains your contacts details.

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I hope this useful article helped you to recover your deleted contacts. Share this article to your friends and family to help them for deleted contact restoration or import or export contacts. 

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