How to Delete Reddit account on App or Phone [Android or iPhone]

Reddit is one of the largest forums. You can delete your Reddit account if you’re annoyed with its strict rules. You can’t delete reddit account on the app because reddit does not provide a direct option to delete the reddit account on the app. So you have to use a web browser to login to your Reddit account to delete it.

You can use this method on both Android and iPhone. You have to use web browser to do it.

Delete Reddit account on Phone

Your all Account data will be deleted after proceeding this step so make sure you download Reddit Account data if you want.

Delete Reddit account on Phone or app

  1. First of all, open Reddit on your Phone and login to your Reddit account.
  2. Then, open the menu (you can see the menu icon on top right corner).
  3. After that, click on settings, then Account settings.
  4. Then, you’ll see the Deactivate Account option at last or at bottom in Account settings.
  5. Simply, Click on Deactivate Account and your account will be deleted soon.

That’s how you can easily delete reddit account on phone not matter what it’s iphone or android. As we told you previously you can not directly Delete Reddit account on app.

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FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

1. What happens after deleting the reddit account?

Answer: All the post and reddit comments will be deleted and your whole account deleted from Reddit so it’s important to download your account data before you delete your reddit account.

2. What’s Reddit Deactivate vs Delete?

Answer: Reddit provides a Deactivate Account option, you can use it to delete your Reddit Account. Reddit takes some time before deleting your Reddit account.

3. Can I Delete Reddit account on my iPhone with this method?

Answer: Yes, you can easily delete your Reddit account on iPhone using a web browser (Chrome, Safari or Opera). Simply login to your Reddit account on the browser and follow this tutorial.

That’s how you can easily delete your Reddit account on a mobile phone but you can’t delete the Reddit account directly through the reddit app.

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