How to Delete a Pinterest account [Step by Step]

Pinterest is known for its informational Pins. But if you are addicted to Pinterest or Is it distracting you and do you want to delete your Pinterest Account? If yes is the answer then follow this article to delete Pinterest Account. Here we have mentioned a step by step guide to delete a Pinterest account.

Steps to Delete Pinterest account :

Delete Pinterest account

  1. First of all, Open the Pinterest App.
  2. Then, Go to the settings menu.
  3. After that go to the account settings.
  4. You’ll Close Account at last in the account settings.
  5. Click on Close Account to delete your Pinterest account. Finally your account and account data will be deleted soon.

That’s how you can easily delete a Pinterest account.

Note : Make sure you’re aware of what you’re doing, once you delete your account your all pinterest data will be deleted.

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    1. You can stop or remove pinterest emails by unsubscribe them. You will see the unsubscribe link or button in every email of Pinterest just click on that unsubscribe link to stop pinterest emails and remove your email from pinterest newsletters email list. I hope this will help you. Have a Good Day:)

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