How to Cancel Audible Membership / Subscription / Trial

Audible is a place where you can listen to the majority of books in audio format (audiobooks). Audible gives you 30 days free trial to use its services. But if you have subscribed for the premium membership or audible trial and you faced a bad experience with audible then you can easily Cancel Audible Membership or Cancel audible Subscription.

Here we have described step by step to Cancel Audible membership easily within few clicks on your audible account.

Cancel Audible membership : 

It is really easy to cancel the audible trial or audible membership in just a few steps. These steps apply to all the country so you can easily cancel your Audible membership in UK, Canada, USA, India, etc…

Audible membership Cancel

STEP 1 : First of all go to the Audible website at[If you are from the US then the website opens and if you’re from other countries such as the UK country then automatically redirected to so no need to worry if you see different domains country extension in your browser address bar. The domain extension is changing country wise.]

STEP 2 : Then login or sign in to your Audible Account in your desktop browser. Click the account details option from the website menus. [You can also do it from the phone, you may use desktop mode in a mobile browser.]

STEP 3 : On the account details page you get all details about your account credits and membership subscription details about which plan you subscribed to and your membership plan duration. You will see 2 options below the audible membership details. The first one is Switch membership and 2nd option is Cancel membership you have to click on cancel membership to cancel your Audible membership.

If you have existing credits in your account then you will lose that credits by cancelling your Audible membership so keep this thing in your mind before you cancel Audible membership or Cancel Audible subscription.

STEP 4 : On the next screen Audible will ask you the reason for the cancellation of your Audible membership. You will see different options, you can choose any reason from the option or click on other option to give your custom reason of cancellation(This will help Audible to improve its services so you can subscribe in future with a better experience). Then click on the Continue Cancelling option.

STEP 5 : Again in the next screen, Audible will show you a confirmation message for the cancellation of your Audible Account. Click on the Finish Cancelling option below the confirmation message.

After the cancellation of your Audible membership, your purchased titles remain in your library and you can listen to it any time without membership. But your Audible plus titles can’t be accessed without Audible membership, you can see your saved Audible plus titles in your library but you can’t listen to them.

Note: By deleting your Audible app from your Android or iPhone smartphone will not cancel your Audible Account and Audible membership; You have to cancel your Audible membership manually as described in this article from the Audible website to prevent charges of your Audible membership for your next month.

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FAQs for Audible Cancel membership :

FAQs of Cancel Audible Membership

1. Can I still purchase audiobooks from audible after Cancelling Audible premium membership?

Yes, absolutely. You can purchase from audible and access your purchased audiobooks anytime without the audible premium membership. But you can’t access to audible plus catalog and other membership benefits like an easy exchange, sale, credits, etc.

2. Can I use this method to cancel the audible subscription in all countries?

This method works in all countries, if you are from the UK you can easily audible cancel membership in the UK; just audible domain extension changes automatically country wise like for USA .com, for Canada.Ca, for the UK, etc.. you don’t need to change this extension it’s done automatically. You have to just open and the extension will change country wise.

3. What happened with my existing Audible credits in my account after I cancel my audible subscription or membership? 

You will lose your credits if you have any existing Audible credits remain in your account after you cancel the audible subscription.

4. Can I still access my purchased titles in my library after cancellation?

Yes, you can access your purchased items without audible membership.

5. Can I follow this tutorial on my iPhone?

Yes, why not. This tutorial also works on iPhone. You can also use desktop mode on your iPhone.

6. Can I Un-cancel my Audible premium membership?

Yes, after you cancel your Audible membership, Audible will show you message about remaining days to Un-cancel your membership, so no need to worry if you accidentally cancelled audible membership or you want Un-cancel your membership.

Final words :

Hope this article helpful to you to cancel Audible membership or Cancel audible subscription and also for Un-cancel your Audible premium membership too.

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