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Podcasts are really trendy nowadays, it’s really convenient and easy to consume more information. You can even listen to podcasts while doing other things.

If you are looking for the best podcasting platforms to listen or publish your Podcasts then this article is for you. We have mentioned some best platforms for Podcasts that you can use to listen to Podcasts and also publish your Podcasts there.

Best Podcasting Platforms :

we have chosen some best platforms for podcasts according to their features and our experience with the particular platform.

1. Google Podcasts :

google podcasts for podcasts

Google Podcast is one of the best podcasting platforms. You can Listen or Publish your Podcasts here. It provides a large number of various podcast categories. You can find podcasts directly from Google search and Google assistant. You can access Google Podcasts through the website, Android app, and iOS app. The overall user interface is very clean on all platforms and provides you a good experience.

You can easily track your listening history if you are very concerned about it. You get complete control over your podcast playlist. You can even auto download your favourite podcast episodes. You can listen to it anywhere, phone, speakers, laptop without losing your place.

You have total control over the speed of the podcast and you can even skip silence in the Podcast so it gives you the best experience podcast. Apart from it you get sleep timer, cast podcast option within Google Podcast.

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2. Apple Podcasts :

apple podcasts for podcasts

Apple Podcasts is another good platform to enjoy Podcasts. Stream millions of Podcasts from anywhere. You can download Podcasts to listen to it multiple times and it saves your mobile internet data.

You can also access your Podcasts through Siri and Alexa-enabled speakers too.

You can listen to Podcasts on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV, CarPlay iTunes on Windows, Alexa-enabled speakers, etc. Explore updated categories, and collections curated by our editors. Apple Podcasts app only available on AppStore for Apple users.

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3. Podbean : Podcast App and Player

podbean for podcasts

You can find and listen to all Podcasts through the app. You can also upload your Podcasts on this podcasting platform. The app provides you almost all Podcasts in different categories from different podcasters. The app is very feature-rich and you should try it.

The app provides excellent user experience with its clean user interface and gives you more control over your Podcasts. You can control podcast speed, remove silence and also limit your Podcasts with sleep timer.

You can auto download your favourite podcast episodes so you can listen to it offline anywhere anytime. You can access Podbean through Android, and iOS App.

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4. Speaker Podcasts :

speaker podcasts for podcast

Speaker Podcasts is another way to Discover and listen to Podcasts and live shows. You can find the majority of Podcasts in your favorite categories and curate your favorite ones in a playlist.

You can download your Podcasts to play it offline. The App provides control of speed of Podcasts. Sleep timer is also helpful to limit your Podcasts streaming time. You can chat with hosts as they go live. It’s available for Android and iOS devices.

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5. Spotify Podcasts :

spotify podcasts for podcasts

Spotify also provides Podcasts and supports new Podcast creators for Podcasts. You can easily get Podcasts from popular creators like Jay Shetty, TED, etc. in different categories. You can also be the Podcasts creator and submit your Podcasts on Spotify.

You can make a playlist of your favourite Podcasts and also download it to stream it offline. You can access it through a website, and an Android and iOS App.

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I hope you like all of these best podcasting platforms for podcasts, try to use one that suits you best. Share this article to your friends and family so they can listen to podcasts from the best podcasting platforms.

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