How to Multi screen or Split screen in Android phone [Just 2 Steps]

In this modern world, the latest smartphones make our life easy day by day with the latest features. The Split Screen feature is one of them which is a very useful feature to run 2 apps or run dual apps on one screen simultaneously. The Split Screen feature or Multi screen was first introduced on the Android 7.0 version. Currently, this feature is available on almost all android phones.

By using Split Screen feature your smartphone screen is split into two parts horizontally to run two apps. It is a very useful feature for multi-tasking on your Android phone. Follow this article to know how to use split screen on Android Phones.

How to Use Split Screen on Android :

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  • STEP 1 : First of all, open any one app; two apps that you want to use in split-screen in your android phone. See the screenshot given above.
  • STEP 2 : Then, open the recent apps screen and click on the app icon and you will see different options like App info., Pin-screen, Split Screen, etc. See the screenshot given above.
  • STEP 3 : After that, Click on the split-screen option and you will see your app half opened in half on top of the screen. See the screenshot given above.
  • STEP 4 : Then, Click on another app that you want to use in split-screen, now your two apps open in split-screen. See the screenshot given above.

Finally, you can enjoy and work on both apps at once with the split-screen.

That’s how you can easily use split-screen in Android Phones for multi-tasking.

Note : Not all apps are compatible with the split-screen or multi-screen so keep it in mind when any App does not open in split-screen mode then that app is not compatible with split-screen.

Some common split-screen compatible apps are Google chrome browser, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Spotify, Gmail, Play Store, etc.

How to close Split-screen :

You can close split or remove split by swiping the screen splitter (element between two apps) above or below. See the screenshot given below :

Remove split screen android

If you want to close the top app then swipe up the splitter or if you want to close the second app or bottom app then swipe down split. This is how you can remove or close apps from split-screen.

How to use split-screen in Android by using third-party App or Run multiple apps in different windows :

If you have an older Android version and the split-screen feature is not available on your device then you can easily do multitask or run multiple apps simultaneously without using split-screen in Android.

You can do multitask with the Android App called “Floating Apps” which is already available on Google PlayStore.

Floating Apps App

FloatingAppsappformultitasking 1

Download the App from PlayStore

Advantages of Using Split Screen in Android Phone :


  • Helpful if you’re making notes of your home or business expenses by using split-screen for notes app and calculator app.
  • Enjoy movies or YouTube videos while chatting on other messenger apps.
  • Helpful to save your time if you’re doing important tasks with dual apps, in short, it’s very useful for multitasking.

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