How to increase Font size in Chrome browser on Android and iPhone

Google Chrome browser is the most popular and widely used browser in the world. It provides a good user experience and is safe to use. It gives you all the necessary basic settings including text font size.

Let’s see how you can easily increase font size in Google Chrome browser in 3 clicks.

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Steps to Increase Font size in Chrome :

STEP 1: First of all, Open your Chrome browser on android or iPhone.

STEP 2: Then, click on menu option (3 vertical dots in top right corner in android; in the iPhone bottom right)

STEP 3: After that, go to the settings, Then, Click on accessibility.

STEP 4: On accessibility settings, you’ll see the text scaling option. Here by increasing the percentage of text scaling, the font size of your chrome browser webpage will be increased. You can see the screenshot below,

Increase font size in Chrome on Phone

That’s how you can easily increase font size in Chrome android browser.

I hope the article helped you to increase text font size or enlarge fonts in google chrome android browser. Do comment if you face any issue.

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