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How to Delete Clubhouse account 2022

Clubhouse is a popular social platform to connect with like-minded people. If you don’t want to use Clubhouse then you can delete it. Follow this article to know How to Delete Clubhouse Account Step by Step.

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Steps to Delete Clubhouse account :

STEP 1 : First of all, open your Clubhouse app and Go to your profile, then go to Settings.

Delete clubhouse account

STEP 2 : After that, you have to Click on your Accounts Settings.

Delete your Clubhouse account

STEP 3 : Finally, you get an option “Deactivate Account”. Click on the Deactivate Account to Delete Clubhouse account.

Click on Deactivate Account to Delete Clubhouse account

That’s how you can easily delete your Clubhouse account permanently in few Clicks.

Delete your Data from Clubhouse :


Above mentioned method delete only your active Clubhouse account, but if you want to delete your full data then you have to contact the Clubhouse support team.

You can contact support email : OR you can also get support through the Clubhouse support page :

How to recover your deleted Clubhouse account :

Restore or recover clubhouse account

Once you delete your Clubhouse account you can recover it within 30 days because Clubhouse saves your account data for 30 days so you can recover your Clubhouse account if you accidentally deleted it.

You can contact Clubhouse support team through their Support email : OR through their Support page :

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