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In the How to category we publish “How to” tutorials related to the Android, Apps, Internet and Technical things.

How to see Twitter trends

How to see Twitter Trends Country & City wise on a single Dashboard

Twitter is a well-known social media platform for getting the latest updates and trends quickly. People often check Twitter for the latest Trend updates...
How to create WhatsApp link

How to Create WhatsApp link 100% Free | Create wa.me link

You can create WhatsApp link (wa.me link) for your Business website and use whatsapp link in website, for instagram bio link, facebook page website,...
how to backup signal messages

How to Backup Signal messages on Signal messenger [Step by Step]

Signal private messenger is very popular nowadays. More and more people installing Signal App. But as a messenger app, it should have a backup...
how to remove background noise from audio in android

How to Remove background Noise from Audio in Android Phones

Basically, whenever we record our voice through our android smartphone or any smartphone it also records all the noise or undesirable sounds from the...
How to delete Pinterest account

How to Delete a Pinterest account [Step by Step]

Pinterest is known for its informational Pins. But if you are addicted to Pinterest or Is it distracting you and do you want to...
Remove Pinterest from Google search

How to Remove Pinterest from Google search [Step By Step]

Pinterest is one of the best places to find informational content in image or picture format. But if you're concerned about your Pin images...

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android secret codes and hacks

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