How to Send long Videos on WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is one of the best and most popular messaging apps. But if you’re a WhatsApp user then you surely faced the issue of sharing and sending large files or videos on WhatsApp. You can’t send large files and long videos directly through WhatsApp. Follow this article to know how to send long videos on the WhatsApp messenger app.

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Send long video on WhatsApp :

Follow the different methods given below to share long videos with WhatsApp Messenger.

Method 1 : Use WeTransfer Tool

As we previously discussed, you can’t directly share large files through WhatsApp so you have to use a file-sharing tool for that. Don’t worry it’s an online tool so you don’t need to worry about any installation.
Send long Videos on WhatsApp through WeTransfer

  1. First of all, go to the WeTransfer tool.
  2. After that, upload your long video or large file. WeTransfer allows you to the maximum file size of 2GB for free.
  3. Then, you get two options to share large through Email and, Link. Here we use Link because we can easily share Link anywhere.
  4. Now, simply share your video link on WhatsApp. Your large video can be easily downloaded through the link.

Method 2 : Compress Video for Easy sharing

You can compress your video on your Android smartphone with video compression app so you can easily share it on WhatsApp Messenger.

You can directly share compressed video or send through document option in the WhatsApp Messenger.

Method 3 : Use Google drive

Same as WeTransfer, simply upload your long video on Google drive. Follow the steps given below for Google drive.
Share large videos on WhatsApp through Google drive

  1. First of all, Upload your file on Google drive.
  2. Then, Click on file options.
  3. After that, Click on manage people and links.
  4. Then, Click on change and choose anyone with the link.
  5. Simply, copy the link and share your link on WhatsApp to share large videos or large files.

That’s how you can send Long Videos on Whatsapp with this method.

I hope this article helped you to send long videos on WhatsApp. If it’s really helped you then surely share this article with your loved ones so they can easily send full video on WhatsApp.

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