5 Best Platforms for Podcast

1. Google Podcasts

Google Podcast is one of the best podcasting platforms. You can Listen to or Publish your Podcasts here. It provides a large number of various podcast categories.

2. Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is another good platform to enjoy Podcasts. Stream millions of Podcasts from anywhere.

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3. Podbean

The app provides you with almost all Podcasts in different categories from different podcasters. The app is very feature-rich and you should try it.

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4. Speaker Podcasts

Speaker Podcasts are another way to Discover and listen to Podcasts and live shows. You can find the majority of Podcasts in your favorite categories

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5. Spotify Podcasts

Spotify also provides Podcasts & supports new Podcast creators for Podcasts. Get Access to popular creators like Jay Shetty, TED, etc. in different categories.

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