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How to Create WhatsApp Link [Automatic + Manual]

WhatsApp Link you can create for your Business website or to Share messages or contact through the link. Here, you’ll learn how you can easily create WhatsApp links with Automatic method and manual method.

Method 1 : Create WhatsApp Link Manually

You can create WhatsApp contact link and pre-filled message links.

Create just WhatsApp Contact link

Use this link format :

NUMBER stands for WhatsApp Number with country code for which you want to create a WhatsApp link.

For example, if you’re from the United States then your country code is +1 but you have to use only numbers which means 1 for the United States.

Correct format :

Wrong format :

Create WhatsApp Link with Pre-filled Message :

You can add a message with the link so whenever you use that link that message will be pre-filled automatically in WhatsApp chat.

For Example:’m%20Happy%20%for20car

Link structure :

You can also just add pre-filled message in the WhatsApp link, see this

Link structure :

Method 2 : Create WhatsApp Link Automatically

You can do this WhatsApp Link Generator tool.

Let’s see how to do this,

  1. Open the WhatsApp Link Generator
  2. Enter the WhatsApp Number in the number tab
  3. Then, enter the message if you want to create pre-filled message link or you can leave it if just want to create WhatsApp contact link
  4. Then Click on the Generate button to Create your WhatsApp Link for your entered WhatsApp number.

That’s how you can easily create WhatsApp links with the Whatsapp link generator tool.

Benefits of Creating WhatsApp link :

WhatsApp links really helpful to businesses, most of businesses in malaysia uses WhatsApp links for their business. You can also Create WhatsApp link like a malaysia and get its benefits.

  • Connect with your customers on WhatsApp by Creating clickable WhatsApp support link.
  • No need of any complex coding.
  • Boost convertion if you are running online business.

Also check :

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