Best apps for Note and List for Android 2022

Good Notes app is very useful to note important notes easily on your smartphone. Here in this post, we have listed some apps for taking notes and making lists.

Note and List Android Apps :

All these apps are listed based upon our experience with these apps which is based on the ease of use, user experience, and functionality.

1. Google keep App :

Developer : Google LLC

Google keep App for notes

Google keep app is a feature-rich app with a simple and easy-to-use user interface. You can create notes and checklists like a shopping checklist, task list with this app. You can create voice notes and also attach images. This app transcribes your voice so you can even write notes with your voice.

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This app provides drawing options too so you can even write with your stylus pen. You can set a reminder for your note and checklists.

Apart from all these things you pin your notes, add notes in the same label, change the notes’ color and the app supports dark mode.

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2. Notes App :

Developer : Turist

Notes app

It’s a simple note app. It supports image, audio, any other files attachment support, and other different formatting options with notes. You can create notes and checklists with this app. It supports reminder, password protection, backup option, and calendar within the app.

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Apart from all these things you can even Pin, color, Sort notes. You can take Google drive backup and password protection for the app itself and notes as well. It’s good notes app.

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Also check :

3. D Notes App :

Developer : Damian van den Berg

D Notes App for note taking

D Notes is also a good note-taking app with more functionalities and easy to use. It supports text notes with Checklists, Voice recording, Videos, images and attachment files. You can assign different colors and categories to the notes. It has a Speak Aloud feature so it can read notes for you and even you can write notes through your voice with the Speech input feature.

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Apart from all these features you can set reminders, Pin as notifications, lock notes, backup notes in the Google drive or export local backup. This app comes with 3 color theme options white, dark and black. It

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I hope this post helped you to choose the best notes and list android app for taking notes on your Android phone, you can use any of these apps easily without any complicated options.

Do comment on which app you’re using for taking notes and don’t forget to connect with us on our Facebook page and Twitter.

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