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How to Compress image Online free without Quality loss

Image size matters in many scenarios in our life no matter if we consider it while sharing images through the internet, Store images in our smartphone and if you host images in your blog / website. High image size is problematic for sharing, storing and hosting images.

So for a good solution of higher sized images we can use image compression for reduction of image size to the optimal level without losing image quality. Here is this post you learn how to compress images online for free without losing image quality.

You can easily compress your images with some online image compressor or photo compressor tools free of cost. I have handpicked some best online image compressor tools which provide optimal image compression.

Online image compressor tools :

1. iLoveIMG ( :

iLoveIMG image compressor

This image compression tool is best among others because it gives excellent quality image compression without losing image quality. This tool provides options to upload images from your device (smartphone or computer), Google drive and Dropbox. Other online image tools also available on iLoveIMG.

Good features :

  • Multiple ways to upload images
  • Multiple/bulk image compression
  • Excellent quality image compression
  • Supports multiple formats JPG, PNG & GIF
  • Move compressed images directly in Google drive and Dropbox
  • Share compressed images with link and QR code
  • Other useful image tools

How to Use :

  1. Go to
  2. Select compress image
  3. Upload image/images and compress

2. tinyjpg ( :

Tinyjpg online image compressor tool

This tool is also a good option if you want to compress images online. Tinyjpg tool provides quality image compression so you can choose it to compress your images or photos.

This website supports two main image formats, JPG and PNG. Multiple or bulk images can be easily compressed with this tool. Google drive or Dropbox support unavailable.

Just go to and upload your image / images and get instant compression.

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3. IMG2GO ( :

IMG2GO image compressor

It’s a good online image compressor tool. Provides multiple image upload options such as from link, from device, from Google drive and from Dropbox. Support PNG and JPG image formats. The tool also gives options to adjust compression quality.

Multiple or bulk image compression supported. This tool also provides direct download and store to cloud options for compressed images. This website also provides other image tools online.

How to Use :

  1. Go to
  2. Then click on compress image option
  3. Now upload and adjust compression quality.

I hope these tools may helpful to you for best quality image compression online for your images. Please comment below about your favourite online image compressor tool which you are using. Please share this article with others to help them for online image compression.

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