How to Advance search on Twitter | Search Like a Pro on Twitter

If you’re a Twitter user then you surely struggled to find your exact twitter tweet but do you know twitter search is really simple if you follow the right ways to search on twitter.

Here we have described some tips that help you to advance search on Twitter on mobile and desktop. Let’s Search on Twitter Like a Pro.

Advance Search on Twitter :


sent from a Twitter account in the NASA List space-tweets


replying to Twitter account @NASA


mentioning Twitter account @NASA


breaking filter:verified

containing the word “breaking” from verified users only



Any “filter:type” can also be negated using the “-” symbol.

Example: I want Tweets from @Nasa with all types of media except images

from:NASA filter:media -filter:images



Combine complex queries together with booleans and parentheses to refine your results.

Example 1: I want mentions of either “puppy” or “kitten”, with mentions of either “sweet” or “cute”, excluding Retweets, with at least 10 likes.

(puppy OR kitten) AND (sweet OR cute) -filter:nativeretweets min_faves:10

Example 2: I want mentions of “space” and either “big” or “large” by members of the NASA astronauts List, sent from an iPhone or, with images, excluding mentions of #asteroid, since 2011.

space (big OR large) list:nasa/astronauts (source:twitter_for_iphone OR source:twitter_web_client) filter:images since:2011-01-01 -#asteroid

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I hope these filters help you to advance search on Twitter. Share this useful piece of article with your friends and family so they can also Search on Twitter Like a Pro.

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