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In this Recordcast review article, I have covered almost all information regarding this tool, introduction to its use, advantages, and disadvantages, and final opinion regarding RecordCast.

What is Recordcast?

RecordCast is the free online tool or web application for Online Screen Recording and Video editing. You don’t need any software, app, or plugin for screen recording and video editing and you can easily do screen recording on your device.


Currently, it is not supporting smartphones and tablets for screen recording, but you can use it on your desktop computer.

How to Use RecordCast :

You can use Recordcast in the Web browser in Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS on desktop computers and laptops without the need for any software or plugin.

Follow the steps given below to start screen recording & video editing with Recordcast :

STEP 1 : Open the RecordCast.Com website in the web browser(Google Chrome browser recommended) on your desktop or laptop or Chrome books.

STEP 2 : You will see two main options in the home screen of the RecordCast website. The first one is Start Recording and the second is Try Video Editor.

RecordCast homepage

For Screen Recording :

STEP 3 : Click on Start Recording for screen recording and you will see 3 options in the next window for recording mode; Screen + Webcam, Screen Only, and Webcam Only.

RecordCast recording settings

You can choose according to your requirements, for example, if you’re Recording Gaming then you may use Screen + Webcam option and also for tutorial videos too.

STEP 4 : After choosing recording mode, the next window asks you for Audio settings in screen recording. You get Microphone + System Audio, Microphone Audio, System Audio, and No Audio options for screen recording Audio screen.

You can choose according to your needs.

STEP 5 : Next window ask you to choose which screen you want to record, Your Entire Screen, Application window Or Chrome tab (browser tab).

  • The entire Screen records the whole screen including the desktop screen with the taskbar and other screen items.
  • Application window records only particular the Application window only, such as chrome browser with all opened browser tabs.
  • Chrome tab or your browser tab records only a single browser tab not a whole chrome application with all tabs.

Choose according to your needs, then click on the Share button to start screen recording.

For Video Editing :

Reach to and click on the Try Video Editor button, online video editor will open on the next page.

RecordCast video editor

You can do basic video editing with this online video editor by importing your video on this video editor or after screen recording you can edit your screen recording video within this video editor.

This is a very basic video editor and you can do basic video editing like adding music, cutting video clips, adding text, media, etc.

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Advantages of Recordcast :

thumbs up icon

advantages of RecordCast

  • No need of any software or plugin
  • Work on all operating system(Window / Mac OS / Chrome OS )
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple audio recording sources (system / microphone / system+microphone / No Audio)
  • 100% Free
  • Run in all browser
  • Webcam support
  • Option to choose screen or window for screen recording
  • In-built Online Video Editor

All these are advantages or good points of RecordCast.

Downside of Recordcast :

thumbs down icon

  • Drawing and highlighting tools in screen recording missing
  • Click highlight missing
  • You can’t directly store your recording on cloud storage like Google drive (cloud integration missing)
  • Different export formats for recorded and edited Videos missing

All these are downside or missing features or disadvantages of Recordcast.

Alternative of Recordcast:

You can also try for online screen-recording as a Recordcast alternative.

Final Words :

Recordcast is a good and simple to use free online tool for Screen Recording and Basic video editing. The best part of it, it does not require any software or plugin and works on all operating systems, you just need a web browser to open this tool. You can use it if you are not comfortable using complex software or for simple screen recording.

Its Video Editor is free but very basic. You can use it to add music, for video cutting, for adding text over video, etc. You don’t expect the advanced level of video editing with Recordcast Video Editor.

You can use Recordcast tool for making tutorial videos recording, online study lectures recordings, business presentations, FaceCame video recordings, etc.


I hope you enjoyed this complete Recordcast review. I tried to cover all the possible information which is available for the Recordcast tool. You can comment below to share your thoughts or any query regarding the Recordcast screen recording and video editing tool.

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