How to Delete Reddit account on Computer [In just 1 min]

Reddit is one of the largest online forum websites. However, sometimes due to its strict rules people leave Reddit and want to delete their Reddit account. Here, I’ll show you how you can easily delete your Reddit account on your Computer step by step, so keep following this article to Delete Reddit account.

Steps to Delete Reddit Account :

  1. First of all, Open the Reddit website on your Mac or windows and sign in to your account. [recommended browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera]
  2. After that, Open the menu on the top right corner as you can see on the screenshot.delete reddit on computer
  3. Then, Click on User settings on the Menu.delete reddit account
  4. Then, you will reach Account settings. Simply, go to the bottom of the page in account settings, you’ll see the red Deactivate Account option. See the screenshot for reference.deactivate reddit account
  5. Click on that Deactivate Account option, this will delete your Reddit account after that by the Reddit.

Note: Make sure you’re ready to delete your Reddit Account because once it proceeds you can’t reverse this procedure. All the Reddit data including Reddit comments will be deleted after you did the account deactivation.

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That’s how you can easily delete Reddit on a desktop computer or laptop in Mac, Windows and Chrome books, etc.

I hope this informative tutorial post helped you to delete your Reddit account. Share this post if it’s helpful to you. Do comment if have any questions regarding Reddit.

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